Yoga workshop with Brad TerRell

Workshop 1

Hip Mobility
and Splits

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Workshop 3

and Backbends

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Yoga workshop with Brad Terell

Movement Intensive Workshop 2 hrs

The goal of this workshop is to explore dynamic movements with intention while bringing presence to the body and mind. Brad will guide you through an immersive mobility and movement experience with his signature Movepat Method as well as Animal Flows both stationary and in-motion drills which will deepen your overall practice and enrich your movement fluency. Find a new dimension in your mind body practice that includes breath, mindfulness and intent. 

Hip Mobility and Splits Workshop 2hrs

Join Brad as he guides you through functional hip mobility drills designed to explore your hip limitations and hip range of motion as you prep toward the big 3 body weight squats: Pistol Squats, Sissy Squats and the Dragon Squat. The workshop will then prepare and condition the body as you take a close look at your hips in both the front and middle splits with an active to passive approach to confidently attain the splits as well as safely maintaining them for the long run. All Levels welcomed.

Yoga workshop with Brad Terell
Yoga workshop with Brad Terell
Inversions and Backbends Workshop 2 hrs

Flow fearlessly into Backbends and Inversions in this intermediate to advanced  masterclass class as you learn juicy insights to deepen your backbends and level up your Inversion practice. The class will start with hip, spine and shoulder opening flows to prepare the body as we review a handful of deep Spinal Extensions that require both mobility and flexibility. The flow will then take you through prep work, alignment, entry/exit and it’s many variations for the Pincha (Fore armstand) and Handstand as you learn to hold them longer with more strength and grace.

Your teacher
Brad Terell

Yoga Workshop with Brad Terell
Internationally renowned Yoga Teacher, Movement Coach and Mobility Specialist from Ontario, Canada. Brad is a longtime student of yoga and it’s healing methods. He was an athlete who grew up loving sports and after a severe knee injury playing ice hockey, he decided to explore his yoga practice further, in his discovery he healed more than just his body. He has since been a dedicated student of various movement disciplines including traditional asana and has been teaching and traveling the world for over 10 years as he continues to share his practice. You can find him both on instagram @bradterrellyoga and online at with his yoga and movement school bmovementacademy.com
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